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Do It Yourself ATV Ramp
"My 1-ton bull will walk right through a wooden gate but he took one look at my ATV ramp, shook his head, and walked away," says Larry Zenz, Parks, Ark., who came up with a simple design that works.
Two different sizes of concrete reinforcing rod were used to make the ramp. It's 4 ft. wide, 13 ft. long and 2 ft. high.
The two main "bows" are 1-in. dia. rebar that Zenz bent by strapping it to a tractor loader. The curved rods are held in position by two 13-ft. lengths of 5/8-in. dia. rebar welded to the ends of each bow. Two short braces run from each bow down to the bottom crosspieces.
The bows are positioned 32 in. apart. A 4-ft. length of 1-in. dia. rod runs across each end of ramp. Then 4-ft. lengths of 5/8-in. rebar were welded across full length of the ramp spaced 4 in. apart (Zenz used 140 ft. of rebar for this).
The final step was to attach a length of 5/ 8-in. rebar to the outside edges of the ramp, welding them to the ends of the 4-ft. cross-bars.
"The ramps save a lot of time and energy moving between pastures to feed or check cattle," says Zenz.
Contact: FARMS HOW Followup, Larry Zenz, HC 60, Box 154, Parks, Ark. 72950 (ph 501577-2677).

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