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Handheld “Mini Combine” Field-Tests Grain
There’s no need to drive out to the field with a combine only to find out a crop isn’t ready to harvest, thanks to this new hand-held mini combine that cuts and threshes a clean grain sample in minutes.

    “I think of the GrainGoat as a full-size combine that has been shrunk down to the size that you can pick it up and carry it,” says inventor Martin Bremmer. “We’re in an age of precision planting and harvesting, and it’s about time we catch up to today’s high technology with an accurate sample to know when the crop is just right for harvest. Farmers can’t afford to waste time any more going from field to field because the grain wasn’t ready for harvest.”

    The battery-powered unit cuts and threshes the grain, depositing it in a sample cup for moisture testing. Moving paddles throw any unwanted plant material onto the ground. A durable nylon strap is used to carry the unit high against the operator’s hip for ease of carrying through the field.

    To obtain a grain sample, the operator lowers the stripper mouth over the grain heads and then pulls a trigger while walking through the field. The grain is threshed with miniature concaves, and finally a blower separates the grain from the trash. Clean grain falls into an attached metal enclosure. The operator turns a compression knob to squeeze the grain sample, then pushes a button to display the moisture on a digital meter.

    The unit can be used with wheat, barley, oats, milo, millet, amaranth, and even peas and soybeans. It comes with different screens for different crops.    

    The GrainGoat sells for $1,999 plus S&H.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Windcall Mfg., Inc., 75345 Road 317, Venango, Neb. 69168 (ph 303 243-1553; www.graingoat.com; martin@graingoat.com).

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