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Easy-To-Use Big Bag Dispenser
“You can discharge exactly as much material as you need from bulk bags and direct the flow right where you want. Any unused material can be safely stored in the bag until it’s needed again,” says Jon Lubke, Ridgeway, Iowa, about the Raimo Big Bag Dispenser.
  Manufactured in Finland, the Raimo dispenser can be used with seed, fertilizer, pelleted feed and other types of free- flowing material. The dispenser is made from durable plastic and consists of 3 parts: A main component with two blades that cut a circular hole into the bag liner and a slide that opens and closes the dispenser; a locking ring that catches on the bag’s liner to keep the dispenser securely fastened; and a 1 1/2-ft. long extension tube that snaps onto the main component and directs the material wherever it needs to go.
  Lubke has used the Raimo dispenser for four years and is now a distributor. “I got interested after we started handling soybean seed in bulk bags on our farm,” he says. “Bulk seed bags come with a small spout or funnel at the bottom, but once the bag is open it’s hard to get it closed again so you often have to empty the contents into a wagon or some other container. The Raimo dispenser lets you safely store any unused material in the bag until it’s needed again.”
  Lubke says he has used the dispenser on dozens of bags with no problems. “The first time we used it we were hesitant, because each bulk bag holds several thousand dollars worth of soybeans and we didn’t want them spilling onto the ground. However, we’ve never had any spills. Neighboring farmers saw how well the dispenser worked for us and showed interest, so I became a distributor.”
  He says improved safety is another advantage. “Bulk bags hold 1,000 to 2,000 lbs. of material, so you don’t want to be working underneath while you’re trying to open them. The Raimo dispenser lets you open the bag from the front or side instead of directly underneath, which is much safer.”
  The Raimo big bag dispenser retails for $125 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jon Lubke, 2311 270th Ave., Ridgeway, Iowa 52165 (ph 563 380-9235; www.bigbagdispenser.com; sales@bigbagdispenser.com).

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