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Do-It-Yourself Wood Stove Kit
After looking at the outdoor wood stoves on the market, Clarence Martin of Barnett, Mo., decided they were too expensive. So he built his own outdoor stove kit and now offers them for sale.
    “These kits are for anyone who wants to weld their own stove together, but who doesn’t want the headache of designing a stove and finding parts,” says Martin.
    He came up with the idea several years ago when he decided to install an outdoor stove to heat his house. “All the stoves I found on the market were so expensive that it would take many years to recover their cost in fuel savings. The payback over just using propane wasn’t that great,” says Martin. “My kit sells for only a fraction as much as a commercial wood stove.”
    He uses his own stove to heat his entire house as well as a 1,300 sq. ft. greenhouse. “My brother needed a stove to heat his 2,000 sq. ft. house as well as a 3,000 sq. ft. greenhouse, so I made another stove that’s much larger. Both stoves worked well, and we made various improvements to them,” says Martin. “At first we recovered so much heat from the exhaust that the exhaust temperature was too cool. I could hold my hand on the single wall exhaust pipe even with a hot fire going. It caused too much soot to build up on the flu walls, so we made some modifications.”
    The firebox is made from 1/4-in. thick steel and measures 25 in. wide by 32 in. high and 31 1/2 in. deep. “A large 24 by 22-in. door makes it easy to load the firebox, even with large chunks of wood,” says Martin. The door is insulated as well as air-cooled with incoming air.
    A 350-gal. water reservoir surrounds the firebox and is set up for 2 water circuits so that you can heat your house and a shop. The exhaust doesn’t leave the firebox directly, allowing some of the exhaust heat to be recaptured.
    The kit includes everything you need to build the stove including a stainless exhaust pipe, fan, electronic thermostat, and circulator pump. It also includes the external tin, which is available in a variety of colors. “All the kit parts are CNC cut with a laser and bent with a CNC brake, so fitting the parts together is a piece of cake,” says Martin.
    The kit sells for $2,399 plus S&H. The customer provides the piping and wire to go from the stove to your buildings, as well as fiberglass insulation and paint.
    Martin says he can customize his stove kit any way you’d like. “I do all the design work with a CAD program and a local laser shop does the cutting, so customization isn’t a problem,” he notes.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jasper Enterprises, 19573 Jasper Rd., Barnett, Mo. 65011 (ph 573 569-5135; mspreading@gmail.com).

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