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He Preps And Plants In A Single Pass
Derrick Mike gets twice the punch out of every pass with his trailing drill. Thanks to his dad Ken, the Case IH drill trails perfectly behind Mike’s Brillion culti-mulcher.
    “We wanted to eliminate a trip across the field,” says Mike. “When we first tried hooking the drill to the culti-mulcher, we couldn’t keep it level. The drill would lift out of the ground when we raised the culti-mulcher.”
    To resolve the problem, Ken attached the steerable front axle of a John Deere 1065 running gear to the drill. Using rectangular steel tubing and flat plate steel, he fabricated a bracket to connect the drill hitch to the running gear axle. A short length of 3-in. square steel tubing welded to the axle extends to the rear. A T-plate welded to it bolts to the drill hitch.
    The connection is reinforced with two sets of square steel tube braces welded to the axle. One set of 1 1/2-in. braces is welded ahead of the bracket connecting plate. A set of 1-in. sq. tube braces extends past the bracket to the drill hitch frame.
    The second set of braces, like the connecting plate, is bolted to the drill hitch. Mike can quickly disconnect the front axle and revert to hitching the drill directly to a tractor.
    “We’ve used it for close to 20 years,” says Mike. “We plant all our soybeans behind the cultimulcher.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Derrick Mike, N6481 8th. Ct., Westfield, Wis. 53964 (ph 608 369-1063; dmikecaseih@gmail.com).

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