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Smoke Detector Doubles As Sump Pump Alarm
Anyone who's ever experienced sump pump failure in their house, barn or septic system will appreciate the simplicity of this new combo alarm that's activated by either smoke or water.
Charles Braaten, Hutchinson, Minn., modified a standard smoke alarm by adding an additional electronic chip. Wires from this add-on chip run out of the alarm and down into the sump pump pit, or anywhere else you need to watch for water. If the sump stops working, or water builds up for any other reason to engulf the exposed ends of the wires, the alarm goes off.
"Once the alarm goes off the only way to stop it is to remove the wires from the water, remove the water or remove the battery from the unit until the water problem is solved," says Braaten, who notes that the unit still functions normally as a smoke alarm.
The smoke-water combo alarm sells for $19.95.
For more information, contact:FARM SHOW Followup, Charles Braaten, Smoke-Water Alarm, Rt. 2, Hwy. 15 S., Box 26, Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 (ph 612 587-8447).

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