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Boot, Glove Dryer Powered By Hair Dryer
A portable hair dryer, scrap plywood and some pvc pipes can be used to make a low-cost boot and glove dryer, says Steve Brubaker, Oconto, Wis.
I looked at boot dryers on the market, but decided I could make my own for less money, he says. It was simple to build and works great. The boot dryers I found on the market cant hold more than a couple pairs of boots and gloves at a time. Mine can dry several pairs and cost very little to build.
  The hair dryer fits into a 2-in. pvc coupler at the top of the box and forces air inside a 3-ft. tall, 18 by 6-in. wooden box with pvc pipes sticking out of it on 3 sides. Each pipe is capped at the top. To dry his boots, Brubaker pulls the caps off and places the boots upside down over the pipes and then turns on the hair dryer. A timer controls how long the hair dryer runs.
  It blows hot air out of any pipe thats open, says Brubaker.The hair dryer I use has different heat and blower speed settings. I use 1-in. dia. pipes to hold boots and 3/4-in. pipes to hold gloves or smaller boots. Ive found its best to use pipes that are at least 12 in. long for boots.
  To mount the pipes Brubaker drilled holes in the sides of the box and then screwed the pipes in place. I applied caulk around the pipes to keep air from escaping. I keep a small plastic tub on top of the box to hold caps Ive removed, he notes.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steve Brubaker, 3427 State Hwy. 22, Oconto, Wis. 54153 (ph 920 604-0208; steveandemmy81@gmail.com).

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