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“Fast Fix” Repair Tape
Jim Ruen, Lanesboro, Minn.: “When the aluminum shaft on my 20-year old Stihl weed trimmer snapped, I hated to toss it out. I had used it with chain heads, circle saw blades, and half a dozen different string heads. It was versatile and tough.
  “I considered several options to mend the break, but nothing made sense until I saw a box of FiberFix at a local hardware store. The fiber tape impregnated with a specialized resin was introduced on the TV show Shark Tank by the inventor, a college student named Spencer Quinn.
  “The product claims of ‘Hardens like steel’ sounded too good to be true, but the $9.99 price seemed worth the gamble.
  “FiberFix is available in 3 different sizes. I went with the widest 4-in. tape. It came with plastic gloves, some vinyl wrap and a small piece of sandpaper.
  “FiberFix is nontoxic but it’s messy. That’s why they include the gloves. The sandpaper is used to roughen up a smooth surface for a better grip.
  “Following the directions in the box, I submersed the FiberFix in lukewarm water for about 10 sec., squeezed out excess water and began wrapping the tape over the break. The first 2 turns were loose with the remainder tight. I wrapped about 5 layers directly over the break with others overlapping to cover about 4 in. to either side of the break.
  “Once all 60 in. of the tape was used I smoothed the surface and distributed the resin by rubbing it with the gloved hand. I then wrapped the tape tightly with the vinyl strip and left it for about 5 min.
  “By the time I took the vinyl off, the FiberFix felt about as hard as steel. I reattached the arms and throttle control while easily trimming away a bit of excess FiberFix tape that was in the way.
  “Although there aren’t many weeds to trim in Minnesota in February, it appears to be a good fix. It certainly beats spending several hundred dollars on an equivalent, new trimmer.”

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