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Improved Spinner Spray Head Introduced
Latest competitor in the spinner spray head market is the Rotojet, a new spray head developed by Spraying Systems Co. and unveiled by Best Way, Inc., at the recent Farm Progress Show in Marion, Iowa.
The spray units on display were prototypes of production units now being produced at Spray Systems' Wheaton, Ill., manufacturing plant. Designed to increase the durability of electric spinner heads, the company feels it has improved on early model controlled droplet applicators.
"We set out to build a better spray head because there were so many problems with the first electric sprayheads on the market, especially the belt driven units. Our goal was to build them with more field ruggedness, to reduce the size of the chemical reservoir itself, and to get rid of the teeth on the head," says Tom Reed, Spraying Systems Co. representative.
"We have a smaller reservoir in this spray head so the chemical can't rock back and forth inside the spray head, which can cause the sprayer to have a pulsing spray action. Also, the smaller reservoir eliminates the problem of chemical drip onto the crop after the sprayer's been shut off," Reed told FARM SHOW.
All electric components on the units are enclosed and all electrical wiring is enclosed by heavy-duty conduit. The head is direct-driven by 12-V electric motors that are adjustable to five different speeds varying from 1,500 rpm's to 5,000 rpm's. Lower end speeds are suited to herbicides while the faster speeds are used for insecticides.
The Rotojet is equipped with two chemical inlets so that two different chemical solutions can be mixed simultaneously at the nozzle. The angle of the Rotojet can also be altered to a 15? tilt angle for better penetration into crops, when needed.
"We feel our unit will outlast and outperform other spray heads under field conditions. Hydraulic units now on the market are also rugged but electric power is much simpler to set up and maintain," says Reed.
The new Rotojet Atomizer spray heads sell for $308.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Best-Way Inc., 1315 S. 8th St., P.O. Box S, Clear Lake, Iowa 50428 (ph 515 357-6155).

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