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Deep Placement Of Dry Fertilizer Made Easy
New ways to "deep place" dry fertilizer are busting out all over throughout the Corn Belt. FARM SHOW has tracked down just-introduced new equipment that lets you knife down granular nutrients along with liquid and anhydrous, if desired while you plant corn, or while you disk or chisel plow in the fall or spring prior to planting. Take your pick!

The Dayson Turbo-Flo
It's the most versatile system we've seen for deep placement of dry fertilizer, giving you the choice of doing it as you plant, disk or chisel plow. Designed by Dave Long, of Dayson Inc., Springfield, Ohio, the Turbo-Flo uses air to force granulated fertilizer through tubes and deep into the ground. It's equipped with a vertical auger which takes fertilizer from the hopper to a metering head that divides the fertilizer evenly between the tubes and incorporates it with the air stream.
"You can apply whatever rate of dry fertilizer you want, from 8 to 2,000 lbs. per acre, and at a field speed of 6 mph," says Long. One blower handles up to 24 outlets.
The piggy-back Turbo-Flo (hopper, auger, metering head, blower and other parts) weighs 2,500 lbs. "With two tons of fertilizer loaded into the hopper, we're adding more than 3 tons of weight to the planter," Long notes. "At present, the only planter heavy enough to carry this much extra weight is the Kinze-built double frame."
Avco New Idea, which now markets double frame planters manufactured by Kinze Mfg., Williamsburg, Iowa, is offering the planter-mounted Turbo-Flow system as an option.
Dayson Inc. is offering the planter-mounted Turbo-Flo for Kinze double frame planters, or mounted on a trailer which tows behind any make of planter, disc or chisel plow.
"This tag-along system makes deep placement of dry fertilizer available to all corn growers, regardless of what kind of planter they now own," Long notes. "If you want the Turbo-Flo planter mounted, you'll have to put it on either an Avco or Kinze double frame, since they're the only ones we know of that can carry the heavy load. However, with the tag-along unit, you can adapt it to whatever planter you're now using," Long points out. "Either the mounted or tag-along units allow dual placing of dry and liquid or anhydrous."
The Turbo-Flo sells for about $5,500, including the hopper, injection knives, hoses, shanks, metering head and blower but not the tag-along trailer itself.
"The Turbo-Flow costs about $1,500 more than a conventional fertilizer application system, including the cross auger. However, the Turbo-Flo does a lot more, including deep placement and being able to fill the seed hoppers when planting soy-beans," Long points out.
For more information, contact:
FARM SHOW Followup, Dayson Inc., 33 S. Belmont, Springfield, Ohio 45505.
Avco New Idea, Coldwater, Ohio 45828 (ph 419 678-5294).

DMI's New "Dri-Flo"
It's ground driven and designed to "deep place" granular nutrients while chisel plowing at rates ranging from a low of 150 to a high of 1,000 lbs. per acre. Dry fertilizer is gravity fed, which limits the Dri-Flo's application to 13 shank chisel plows (30 in. centers). Dry fertilizer is knifed down to the 6 or 9 in. root zone. Dual placement of liquid or anhydrous fertilizer, along with granular, is also possible with the Dry-Flo, which sells for about $3,800. The hopper (44 by 90 by 60 in. deep) holds 7,000 lbs.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, DMI Inc., Rt. 150 E., Box 65, Goodfield, Ill. 61742 (ph 309 965-2233).

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