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On-Farm Uses For Worn-Out Tires
Old tires can be a big problem because they're so difficult to dispose of but Gerald Ohs says that's what makes them so valuable around his Harrison, Mont. farm. He's developed several innovative uses for old rubber tires.
Culverts - When Ohs needed a culvert under a road on his farm he built one from worn-out 10 by 22-in. truck tires.
"You stand the tires up side by side in a row and drill three 3/8-in. rods all the way through the full length of the tires. The rods can be used as super long drill bits by heating the ends, flattening them out and sharpening them to a point. You can then use a 1/2-in. electric drill to drive them through. Once we have the three rods through all the tires, we weld a large washer to one end of each rod and a 3/8-in. threaded rod to the other end. We draw the tires tightly together by putting nuts on the rod and tightening them up. Makes a great, virtually indestructible culvert."
Feedbunks - "We use a 10 by 22-in. truck tire as a base and then cut the sidewall and bead from a tractor tire that's larger than the truck tire. We wire the larger tire to the smaller one and then put a couple 15 or 16 in. auto tires on top and wire them down. Makes a bunk my bulls can't tear up."
Retaining Walls - "We used old tires to make a retaining wall for a bridge abutment by simply laying the tires where we need the wall and filling them with gravel. You first fill the bottom one and then add the next and fill it, and so on."
Corner Fence Post - "In wet bogs or places where you can't set a corner post and yet need something solid to stretch fence wire to, we use worn out 10 by 22-in. truck tires piled one on top of the other and filled with sand and gravel. We put down a tire, tie a wire to it, fill it, and then add the next tire and repeat the procedure. For an extra strong pillar, larger tires can be used at the bottom."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gerald Ohs, Box 152, Harrison, Mont. 59735 (ph 406 685-3343).

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