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Add-On Device Inverts Windrows
"We expect it to sell for 1/2 to 1/3 the price of existing windrow inverters," says farmer-inventor Craig Shoop, Halifax, Penn., about his add-on device for side delivery bar rakes that flips windrows upside down.
The device, which consists of an angled metal disc about 4 ft. in dia., is patent pending and Shoop hopes to bring it to market in the near future. "It lets you use your existing machine to invert windrows. You can even leave it in place when raking swaths into windrows because it leaves a more fluffed-up windrow that dries faster," he notes.
The disc mounts just ahead of the back end of the rake. At speeds of 3 1/2 mph or more, hay is thrown onto the disc which is rotated back against the flow of the hay by a ground wheel underneath it. The ground wheel is friction-driven off the top of the caster mounted wheel.
The hay "B.R.A.T.T.", as Shoop calls it (Bar Rake Attached Turn Table), attaches with two hitchpins to the rake frame using existing bolt holes so it can be quickly attached or detached as needed. The tubular frame can be adjusted to adapt to differing windrow size and condition.
Besides fluffing and turning the wind-row, the hay B.R.A.T.T. also removes some stones because of the way it abruptly changes direction of windrow coming off rake.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Craig Shoop, 299 ShoopRd.,Halifax,Penn. 17032 (ph 717 362-9194).

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