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Peanut Butter Fence Works, Too
Yvonne Lawley, assistant professor of

Agronomy and Cropping Systems at the

University of Manitoba, uses much the same

technique to reduce deer damage to research


Lawley and research technician Eric

Wallace use a 3-wire setup with posts on

30-ft. spacings. It’s powered with a 12-

volt deep cycle battery charged with a solar


“We normally place a strip of aluminum

foil on the top wire and smear it with peanut

butter to attract deer in for a shock,” explains

Wallace. “Although it is not harmful to the

deer, it needs to be strong enough to deter

them from coming near it a second time.”

Lawley acknowledges that it is the

interaction with the bait that keeps the deer

out. They could easily jump the 4-ft. high


“It is not a new idea, but the technology

has changed,” says Lawley. “The availability

of solar-powered battery fencers has made

the practice effective at remote locations.”

Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Yvonne

Lawley, University of Manitoba, Department

of Plant Science; 222 Agriculture Building,

66 Dafoe Rd., Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

R3T 2N2 (ph 204 474-6504; Yvonne_


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