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5-Ft. Long Grease Gun Hose Extension
I often have to work by myself and sometimes have trouble reaching grease zerks on equipment. So I decided to solve the problem, says Tom Lass, Cromwell, Minn.
  I removed the hose from my grease gun, went to a hydraulic hose store, and had them make a 5-ft. hose extension. They fitted a male end to the grease gun and a female end to one end of the original hose so that it could be screwed onto the grease gun. I carry the grease gun in a homemade holster that hangs from my belt.
  Lass says that with the original 18-in. long hose he often couldnt get the hose on the zerk and maneuver the grease gun at the same time. However, with the 5-ft. long hose he can reach just about any zerk even if its located above his head.
  He made the holster out of 3-in. dia. pvc pipe. I glued a cap onto one end, then cut a 1 1/2-in. wide slot all the way down through the center of the pipe and set the grease gun in it. I bent a 1-in. metal strap and riveted it to the other end of the pipe to form a loop that fits over my pants belt.
  He paid $15 for the 5-ft. long hose, including the male and female ends.    
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tom Lass, 5502 Hill Rd., Cromwell, Minn. 55726 (ph 218 644-3235).

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