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Air Compressor Modified To Keep From Tipping Over
Ollie Maier, San Marcos, Texas: “Our air compressor came with a pair of small wheels spaced closely together under the tank, which caused it to tip over sideways on uneven ground.
  “To keep that from happening, I installed larger front wheels off an old riding mower. I had to extend the compressor’s axle by slipping a 1-ft. length of pipe over each end. Then at the point where the hole was on the axle to hold the original wheel on, I drilled a hole into each pipe and inserted a pin to hold the pipe on and to provide the inner limit for the new wheel. I then drilled another hole near the end of each pipe and inserted a pin to provide the outer limit for the wheel. Riding on bigger wheels that are spaced farther apart, it’s now almost impossible to tip the compressor over.”  

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