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Best Buy “Icehouse”
John Miller, West Springfi eld, Penn.:
“My icehouse from Quality Sips is definitely a best buy (ph 330 279-2345). I put it up 3 years ago to store ice for the icebox we use in our house. I still have ice I put in it that first winter.
“My 12 by 14-ft. icehouse came in a kit with expanded polystyrene blocks that are 16 in. thick. You just stack them in place using spray foam like mortar in between the blocks. Then when you’re done, you make a V-shaped shallow gouge around the blocks at the joints and fill them with foam to seal the blocks tight. You can get the blocks as
thick as you want from 10 in. to 24 in. “The door is made with two 4 by 8-ft.
sheets of treated plywood with EPS in between. The door is cut out of it and
beveled enough so it can turn. The edges are memory foam. You almost feel suction
when you open it.
“I had an older icehouse. The first year we were careful not to open it during the hot summer days so we didn’t lose the ice. However, my new one maintains the ice so well we don’t worry about it and open the door multiple times during the day. We use it as a walk-in cooler for cooling fresh milk and to keep drinking water cold. This past fall, I shot a deer on a warm day, dressed it out, skinned it and hung it in the icehouse.
“My icehouse is covered with metal siding. When I ordered the kit, which cost around $2,500, I had the company notch the blocks for 2 by 4’s set vertical and along
the top and bottom of each side. The siding attaches to them. “My icehouse takes care of 2 families. Seeing how good it works, my brother and sister and a neighbor have all bought them. I would recommend it for anyone who needs to store ice.”

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