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Saw Holder Used To Cut Blocks Of Ice
William Miller of American Eagle Windmills says many Amish and other plain communities still use ice to refrigerate food. That’s why the company came up with a new ice cutter with adjustable width runners and clamps to hold chain saws in place.”
  To use, a chain saw is locked in place with the remote throttle connection attached. Once the chain saw has been started, the operator can adjust the throttle and the pitch of the bar from the U-bar handle of the powder coated frame. Slush and ice chips are kicked ahead and away from the operator.
  “The ice saw makes it easy to cut even-size blocks of ice,” says Miller. “After making one pass, you drop one of the runners into the initial cut. Just adjust the width of the runners to adjust the width of the blocks being cut.”
  Miller says he and his family developed the ice saw for their own use. “We knew what we were looking for,” he says. “Last year we sent a dozen out to various Amish communities and had really good feedback. We had a lot bigger response than expected.”
  The ice saw accommodates a wide variety of chain saws, according to Miller. He notes that as long as it doesn’t hit rock in the ice, the chain will stand up well.
  “If using a chain for ice, it works best if you take the rakers off,” he says. “However, never use it for wood without the rakers or you can get a kickback.”
  American Eagle Windmills’ ice saw is priced at $295 plus shipping.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, American Eagle Windmills, 13053 W. Ridge Rd., West Springfield, Penn. 16443 (ph 814 922-3180).

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