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Skidsteer Snowblower Blasts Through Drifts
Snowblast snowblowers live up to their name, blasting through drifts and snow banks easily thanks to their unique design. Instead of a horizontal auger feeding snow to the blower, it has 2 sets of fan blades that bore into the snow and blast it out the chute.
    “The twin fan blades act like an auger pulling snow in,” says Myron Holzwarth, Teamco, Inc. “The cups on front of the fans, combined with their 6 blades, produce a smooth-running operation with less pounding as snow hits the chute.”
    The Snowblast design is not new. In fact, it has been around since the 1970’s as a commercial grade snowblower. What is new are the smaller size models that are available with hydraulic drive on a skid-steer or wheel loader as small as 30 hp. They are also available with a 3-pt. hitch, pto drive for tractors as small as 35 to 40 hp.
    “Models range from 42 in. to 74 in.,” says Holzwarth. “Hydraulic-powered units range from $7,000 to $12,000, depending on options. The pto versions run about $2,500 less.”
    Skid steer or wheel loaders should have high-flow pumps. Tractors should have a Cat. II 3-pt. hitch.
    Switching from hydraulic to pto drive is a matter of removing the skid-steer loader plate, removing the hydraulic pump, and inserting a 540-rpm pto shaft.
    “The Snowblast is simple, durable and aggressive,” says Holzwarth. “When the irregular cutting edge hits hard packed snow, the points wedge in and pop the snow up.”
    The simplicity of the design eliminates drive clutter to either side of the cutting face shell. The direct chain drive (no gearbox) is completely enclosed in an oil bath behind the fans. Cutting blade fans are mounted on heavy-duty shafts and bearings.
    “The sides are like a knife cutting into the snow bank,” says Holzwarth.
    He notes that with standard snowblowers, as you drive into the snow, the snow pushes against the auger. With the Snowblast, the snow moves straight into the fan and only makes one turn up the chute.
    “The Snowblast has unbelievable capacity,” says Holzwarth. “As you drive forward, it is like you are corkscrewing into the snow you are blowing.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Teamco Inc., 27065 Kerslake Pl., Tea, S. Dak. 57064 (ph 605 498-0610; teamco@teamco-inc.com; www.teamco-inc.com).

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