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Handy sickle fixer changes sections fast
You'll like the price tag on. a handy new sickle "fixer" from BOT Mfg., Ivanhoe, Minn., that allows you to replace worn or broken sickle sections in a matter of seconds without having to remove the sickle.
BOT Mfg. sells the device for $29.99. "Unlike other devices on the market, this one works for servicing all sections in a sickle, including those at the head end of the sickle," notes inventor Fred Bot. "What's more, it handles bolt-on as well as riveted sections."
The lever-action, adjustable device is right at 15 in. long. With the sickle raised about 15 in. above ground level, it rests on a 2 by 4 and works as a fulcrum to apply pressure against individual section rivets (or bolts) to stabilize the sickle, and to apply backside pressure against each rivet, making it easy to chisel off stubborn old rivets without bending the sickle bar, and to install new ones. A "cup" attachment at the top end is used for removing rivets. For installing new rivets, an "anvil" attachment is inserted into the cup, making it easy to install new rivets with a hammer and a hand-held riveter.
Works on mower, combine and swather sickles.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, BOT Mfg., Rt.1 Box 114, Ivanhoe, Minn. 56142 (ph 507 694-1456).

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