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TreePans Water, Protect Young Trees
“How you plant a tree hasn’t changed much for hundreds of years. So we decided to reinvent the industry, updating the feeding and watering process with modern technology. The result is TreePans,” says Bill Brown, Akron, Iowa.
  TreePans fits around the base of any planted young tree, replacing the need for plastic sheeting and mulch. It’s made from recyclable plastic and consists of a series of pie-shaped sections with holes in them. The sections snap together without tools to form a solid ring that slopes in toward the center. Four adjustable “doors” snap into place on top of the ring and can be used to slide the sections in or out, allowing the ring to expand as the tree grows from 1 to 12 in. in dia.
  The ring’s beveled outer wall allows mowers and weed-eaters to trim grass without harming the bark. The wall is placed into the ground at time of installation, keeping water from running off and rodents from burrowing in.
  “It’s a complete tree care system that does a lot of things tree mats and other products can’t do,” says Brown. “It’s the only product of its kind that actually expands with the growth of the tree.  The design channels water and nutrients right to the roots where it’s needed most. It creates a dome ‘greenhouse’ effect that keeps warm moisture locked in and reduces water consumption by up to 50 percent. It does a much better job of providing water over time to the tree’s root system than using a bucket or other container with holes in it.  
  “Another advantage is that you’re not driving big mowers and other equipment around the base of the tree, which reduces soil compaction.”
  The standard TreePans sells for $84 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, TreePans, 121 South 2nd St., Akron, Iowa 51101 (ph 712 568-3737; bbrown@treepans.com; www.treepans.com).

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