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Garden Tractor Generator
I had a 7,500-watt 240/120 30-amp generator sitting around unused. So I mounted it to the snowplow mounts on a Deere 210 garden tractor, says Carmin Mazzucco, Northford, Conn.
It runs off the drive from the accessory groove of the electrical clutch mower deck pulley. Now, whenever the power goes out I fire up the Deere, plug it into a cord that runs to the house, and turn on the mower deck. Generates plenty of power to run most of the house.
I knew that all my years of working with Deeres on the farm would come in handy.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Carmin Mazzucco, 12 Sunnyside Dr., Northford, Conn. 06472 (tonymazzucco@yahoo.com).

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