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Slick New Way To Handle Big Tires And Wheels
Greg Grengs is a North Dakota farmer and inventor who frequently changes wheels on his sprayer and tractors. He recently came up with a tool to handle that sometimes dangerous job.
  “My Tire Jogger makes easy work of removing duals or changing other big tires around the farm. It uses hydraulic cylinders to grab, hold, and rotate large tires from the safety of a skid steer. It has 2 large metal ‘arms’ that are 4 in. wide and 16 in. long to securely grip and hold the treads on large tires.”
  Grengs worked through 3 prototypes before he was satisfied with the finished product. He made it strong enough to handle up to 2,000 lbs. He took his prototype to a North Dakota farm show last winter and received several orders. Now he offers 2 versions, one that hydraulically squeezes and manually rotates a wheel for $4,400 and a $5,400 version that squeezes and rotates hydraulically.
  Grengs says the Tire Jogger fits any skid steer with a universal mounting bracket. Machines 60 hp or larger are recommended because weight is carried well in front of the machine. Although the Jogger will work on tractor loaders with a Universal bracket, Grengs discourages that because it’s difficult to see and operate the Jogger from a tractor cab. He says a skid steer works much better because it has hydrostatic drive to inch forward or backward, and the operator has a clear view of the operation in front of him.
   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Greg Grengs, Tire Jogger, 242 3rd Ave. W., Sherwood, N. Dak. 58782 (ph 701 263-7397; augerjogger@hotmail.com; www.augerjogger.com).

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