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“Foolproof” Live Catch Mousetrap
“You can catch mice like crazy with very little expense and no poison,” says Dave Cassens, Grafton, Ill., about his new live mousetrap. “This trap is practically foolproof. You can catch one mouse after another in it.”
    The “Best Mouse Trap Ever” consists of an 11-in. long, 8-in. dia. cone made from ABS plastic covered by mesh screen. The top of the trap is solid plastic with an entrance hole in the middle. The rest of the trap is all wire mesh, which allows mice to smell and see the bait. A removable plastic tray at the bottom has a divided bait cup for feed and water.
    The mouse climbs up the mesh and jumps through the hole. To release the mouse you simply remove the bottom tray.
    “There’s no doubt that this trap will catch lots of mice. One farmer put 3 of my traps in his barn a few weeks ago and has already caught 109 mice,” says Cassens. “The hole is big enough for young rats, and we’ve even caught a chipmunk in it. You can dunk the mice in a bucket of water and kill them in seconds.
    “There are no moving parts so there’s nothing to break on it, and there’s no poison. The built-in food and water system allows mice to live for weeks in the trap, so if you’re not home for several days you don’t have to worry about the odor from dead mice. Every so often you can just hose off the trap, or put it in a deep sink with bleach and it will clean up like new.”
    According to Cassens, the plastic at the top of the trap is so smooth that once mice get in they can’t crawl back out. It’s also hard enough that they can’t chew through it.
    The trap sells online for $19.95 including S&H and is also available in some stores.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dave Cassens, CasMac Innovations, 1446 W. Main St., Grafton, Ill. 62037 (ph 618 786-3614; david.cassens@cassensbait.com).

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