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“Hideaway” Pickup Step
These new “hideaway” tailgate steps make it easy to get in and out of any pickup bed, yet are never in the way when not in use.
  Installation requires cutting a 2 by 3-in. hole into both sides of the tailgate and inserting a 2 1/2-in. wide aluminum tube. The steps fold out from the sides of an aluminum post that pulls out of the tailgate tube when needed. The step post pivots on the end of a bracket that slides freely inside the tailgate tube.
  The operator grabs a nylon strap to pull the step post out.
   The steps measures 8 1/2 in. wide. The distance between steps will vary depending on the pickup model.
  “On 1/2-ton pickups there’s 11 1/2 in. between steps,” says Isaacson. “On 3/4 and 1-ton pickups, it’s 12 1/2 in. We’ve made units for jacked-up pickups that have 13 1/2 in. between steps. The bottom step is closer to the ground than bumper-mounted units that have only one step. Also, you can grab onto the side of the pickup to help yourself up.
  “Dream Steps won’t work on Ford pickups equipped with a camera on back. We supply a jig or template for cutting into the tailgate.”
  “Dream Steps” sell for $285 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Myron Isaacson, Inc., 71 9th St., Lafayette, Minn. 56054 (ph 888 228-8270; isaacsonsalesandservice@gmail.com).

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