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She Tested Homemade Weed Killer
After seeing a ďnaturalĒ weed killer recipe several times on the internet, I finally decided to mix up a small batch of vinegar, Dawn dish soap and salt to spray on weeds along my garden fence.
  I waited until 10 a.m. - after the dew dried off - and sprayed a few weeds, including lambsquarter, ragweed and quackgrass.
  As luck would have it, I picked the first 90-degree day of the year. By evening the weeds were withered and brown, though the quackgrass still showed a little life. I doused it again the next morning, and that finished it off. As promised all the weeds were killed.
  There is science behind the ingredients. Vinegar has acetic acid, a desiccant that draws moisture from the leaves. Salt is also a moisture-sucking desiccant. Soap helps leaves absorb the spray and break down the waxy surface on some leaves. The shiny look soap leaves also makes it easier to know where you have sprayed.
  So is it a good idea? I think itís ideal in places where you donít want anything to grow, such as the cracks in a sidewalk or driveway or maybe around a foundation. Iím not sold on using it in my garden because itíll also kill vegetables and flowers if itís sprayed on them.
  The recipe I followed came from www.thethriftycouple.com. I mixed 2 cups vinegar (5 percent distilled white), 1 tablespoon table salt and 2 tablespoons Dawn (original blue).

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