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High Protein Cricket Flour Finding A Market
University of Oregon students Charles Wilson and Omar Ellis worked with a commercial cricket grower and a miller to grind crickets into a high-protein flour. They sell it as a baking flour and as chocolate or peanut butter-flavored protein powder.
  The high level of protein, 7.5 grams in 12 grams of powder, is just one of the nutritional benefits of crickets. It’s also high in amino acids, Omega 3’s and 6’s, and contains iron and calcium.
  There’s been a growing interest in crickets since a 2013 UN report noted that edible insects could be important to future world food security. The bugs require fewer resources to create protein, which makes raising crickets nutritionally and sustainably feasible.
  “The flour has a neutral, slightly nutty taste,” Wilson says.
  Double or triple ground cricket powder is fine enough for smoothies and protein drinks, which attracts fitness consumers interested in less processed protein sources.
  Other customers include parents who want to get more protein and iron into their children’s diets. Consumers typically replace a small portion of flour with cricket flour to boost the protein and nutrition of recipes.
  The final group of consumers is like Wilson, with dietary restrictions who can’t have wheat flour or are allergic to other protein sources.
  “If you make or bake it, we can make it better with cricket flour,” Wilson says. “There are so many different ways of using it. We’re enhancing or supplementing what customers are doing already.”
  As a new product, cricket flour sells for a premium price ($13.99 for 1/4 lb. for flavored mixes; $15.25 for 1/4 lb. pure flour), but Cricket Flours is offering a 15 percent discount to FARM SHOW readers through Aug. 31, 2015 who enter “FarmShow2015” on the checkout page of the website (www.cricketflours.com/shop).
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cricket Flours, 3300 N.W. 185th Ave., Suite 108, Portland, Ore. 97229 (ph 503 830-7418; www.cricketflours.com; team@cricketflours.com).

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