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“Best Buy” CNC Plasma Cutter
“I purchased a 4 by 4-ft. CNC table with a Hypertherm torch from BurnTables and have had excellent results with it. The table is rugged, and we’ve cut 10-ft. sheets on it with excellent results. The accuracy has been great for all types of bolt hole patterns and parts. I’m running it daily for as much as 6 hrs. a day, doing part and piece work for a local gold mine, as well as for other shops looking for parts,” says Randy Schmidt, Fairbanks, Alaska (www.resmetalworks.com).
  During slow times in the shop, we started making our own products to sell. We do things for dog sledders, as well as BBQ grills with smokers/bun warmers, skis to mount on wood splitters for use in snow, and add-ons for trucks, ATV’s, snow machines and boats.
  “We also do more artistic pieces and outdoor furniture. My wife is an artist and draws the designs. We scan them and enter them into the CAD system. I do the programming. My wife comes up with some really fine detail work that requires some really small cuts.
  “We’ve had the table for 2 yrs., and it has held up well. When I purchased it, I flew down to BurnTables, went through the shop and did some training, which I would recommend. It was very informative, and they treated me really well.
  “The Hypertherm torch that came with the burn table is great as well. I had used Hypertherm plasma torches before, and after using them with the BurnTable, I’m really committed.
  “Parts and service are fast with both companies. That’s not always the case with companies when you live in Alaska. Service means a lot to us up here. When we get companies that will deal with us, we stick to them and treat them good. BurnTable (www.burntables.com) and Hypertherm (www.hypertherm.com) are just fantastic.”

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