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How He Keeps His Roof Moss-Free
Larry McPhail put together a spray system that takes moss off his shingles, rust off metal roofs, and soaks his wood shake roof in preservative. In other words, he uses it to put anything liquid on his own roofs and those of friends and neighbors. McPhail says coming up with the low-cost rig was just self-preservation.
  I know a guy who fell off a roof and died and another friend who fell off and spent the past 20 years in a wheelchair, he says. I wanted to be able to clean a roof without climbing on it. I found all the equipment I needed for less than $50.
  Components include used water pressure and electric water heater tanks connected by air hose, a 50-ft. length of 1/2-in. hose, 3 valves, and a brass nozzle. McPhail mounts the whole thing in the back of his pickup.
  I have 2 fittings on top of the water heater tank, one for liquids and the other for putting air in the tank. The water pressure tank has an air fitting.
  After adding water and moss-killer to the water tank, he pressurizes both tanks with his air compressor. All the components are designed to hold up to 250 psi, but his compressor only goes to 150 psi, keeping him well within safe levels.
  I use quick couplers so I dont lose air pressure, but with both tanks filled, Ive always had air pressure left over, says McPhail. If I am working at home, I can hook the system direct to my compressor.
  If McPhail cant get his pickup close to the roof he is working on, he can stretch out the hose. Even without it, the pressurized sprayer has good reach.
  The water shoots about 40 ft. into the air, says McPhail. With the brass nozzle on the hose, its like a small fire hose. It will shoot over a 2-story house. It took me only half an hour to spray the roof on a 6,000-sq. ft. house. In a couple of months the moss was all dead.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Larry McPhail, 2855 H Street Rd., Blaine, Wash. 98230 (ph 360 366-5548; loggar56@aol.com).

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