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Fence Posts Made Of Plastic
"So far as we know, it's the first and only all-plastic fence post on the market like it," says W.J. Kemerer, general manager of USS Molded Plastic Products, a division of U.S. Steel.
All-plastic Poly Posts 10 to 15% less than comparable length steel posts, yet weigh one-third less (10 posts weigh 24 lbs.) They won't rot, rust or corrode and never need painting. They flex in all directions under stress and spring back into position, thus preventing leaning fences.
"We tested 49 different formulas in coming up with one that met our requirements for a rugged, dependable farm fence post," explains Kemerer. He notes that one requirement was ability to withstand a simulated "hot" and "cold" weather test.
Cold test: Individual posts were chilled to 0?, the anchor end (about 18 in. long) stepped on, and the top end raised 4.5 ft. to see if the posts would snap.
Hot test: Posts were exposed to a temperature of 140? for 24 hours, then tested to see if they were still rigid enough to be driven into the ground.
Poly Posts, available in standard 5-1/2, 6 and 6 -/2 ft. lengths, can be driven with a conventional "T" steel post driver. They accept standard clips for barbed and woven wire. "Because they're made of nonconductive material, they're also self-insulating for electric fencing, saving you 15 or 20 cents per post on the cost of insulators," explains Kemerer. He adds that the molded-on lugs, anchor plate and color (solid black) are all integral parts of the post.
For more details, including the name of your nearest source of supply, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, USS Molded Plastic Products, Division of U.S. Steel, 600 Grant St., Pittsburg, Pa. 15230. (ph. 412 433-1121).

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