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Device Lets One Man Lay Poly Pipe
Dennis Trussell’s T-4 Poly Pipe Installer lets one man do the job of two, faster and easier. The 3-pt. mounted unit loads and holds up to four, 200-lb. rolls. It digs the trench, seats the plastic pipe and partially covers it in one pass.
    “You can get all kinds of poly pipe layers, but someone has to walk along behind and put dirt on to keep the plastic from blowing away,” says Trussell. “It is hard to find people to do that kind of work. With the T-4, one person can lay poly pipe on 40 acres a day.”
    Trussell fabricated the T-4 with steel tubing. A turntable on top of the frame holds 4 rolls of pipe. A boom with a hydraulic cylinder on the front of the frame picks up rolls of pipe and swings them into place on the turntable.
    “The turntable is mounted on a 2-in. shaft with a heavy-duty bushing at the bottom,” says Trussell. “If you get to the end of a pass and have too short a roll for the next pass, just spin it out of the way. Start with a longer roll for the next pass and use the short roll later on a short pass.”
    A telescoping opener on the front of the frame is also on a hydraulic cylinder. It can be adjusted for desired depth. As the T-4 travels through the field, the plastic pipe unrolls over a pvc pipe behind the opener. A wheel seats the pipe in the furrow, while a drag chain behind it pulls dirt in and over edges of the pipe to hold it in place.
    “I built the first one for myself, and operators in the area bought all I had for sale last year,” says Trussell. “This year I had enough inventory built up that I have been able to sell outside the local area.”
    Trussell says the T-4, which he is selling for $4,500, can be modified. One customer has requested an installer that can lay 2 pipes in one pass. Another has requested a larger unit to lay 18-in. poly pipe. The standard unit is designed to lay 12 or 15-in. pipe.
    “It can lay it in circles or follow curves in the field and runs at up to 5 mph,” says Trussell.
    Check out a video of the T-4 Poly Pipe Installer at FARMSHOW.com.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dennis Trussell, 105 Trussell Lane, DeWitt, Ark. 72042 (ph 870 946-5076; dennis.trussell@icloud.com).

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