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New-Style Windmill Goes Anywhere
Best new "inflation fighter" we've seen lately is a new-style windmill that operates on a completely different principle than conventional - windmills. It lets you harness the wind to pump water for livestock, irrigation, household and other uses for a fraction of what it costs with conventional pumping systems, including conventional windmills.
Probably the most unique feature of the revolutionary windmill from the Bowjon Company, Burbank, Calif., is its price tag - $595. "Its the only windmill water pump that doesn't have to be located directly over the well," explains Tom Dye, sales manager. "It can be located up to a half mile away from the well in the most strategic location for wind current. In range country, many wells with old style windmills directly over them have been abandoned because there isn't enough wind to drive them where they now stand. We're putting a lot of these abandoned wells back into service with the Bowjon windmill which can be placed on a nearby hill, or wherever the wind blows best."
Here's how the revolutionary windmill works:
The 81/2 ft. dia. wheel has an air compresses built into its center hub. As wind turns the wheel, air pressure is generated. An air line runs from the windmill to the well. At the well, a venturi (a 1/2 in. pipe about 5 ft. long) is placed inside the well casing. Air pressure from the windmill enters the venturi to create bubbles which, in turn, lift the water. "We've turned the venturi into, an air lift system which uses bubbles to lift water," explains Dye. "This system will adapt to most new or existing independent wells. To get more capacity, several venturis can be ganged to provide more bubbling action and, with it, more output capacity. A separate tower, blade assembly and companion air compressor is needed for each venturi," Dye explains. "You can gang a lot of units and still have less total cost than the expense of a conventional windmill. And the Bowjon system operates on less wind, requires less maintenance and eliminates pump rods and other components of conventional well systems which require routine replacement and maintenance. We can lift up to 5 gal, of water per minute. Two windmills serving the same well will pump up to 600 gals. per hour," Dye told FARM SHOW. He notes that in California, average wind time out of 24 hours is 4 hours, with the wind averaging 131/2 mph. "Our, system starts pumping at wind speeds of 8 mph. Individual towers are only 13 ft. high and are built to withstand unusually high winds. "The tail and wheel assembly is designed to operate at 3,450 rpm, a rate far exceeding gale force winds. The assembly automatically folds up if the wind gets over 100 mph to protect the system from possible damage."
Soon to be introduced is a large Ranch Air model which has a capacity of 30 to 60 gal, per minute and is being promoted initially for drip irrigation.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Bowjon Co., 2829 Burton. Ave., Burbank, Calif., 91504 (ph. 213-846-2620).

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