New way to display Christmas tree
When Joel Lynn Betz went out of town a few weeks before Christmas last year, she asked her husband Charlie if he would buy a tree and set it up while she was gone. So the Midwestern businessman went out and bought a 6-ft. tree for $14 and brought it back to his Maplewood, Minn., home. Since he had extra time on his hands, he let it sit in the living room for a while until all of a sudden he got an idea for a different way to hang a tree.
He went for his tools and a ladder and installed an eyebolt in the 8-ft. tall ceiling, over by the fireplace. Then he put an eye-bolt in the bottom of the trunk of the tree, looped a rope through both eyebolts, and hoisted the tree up until it was about 2 in. from the ceiling. He then decorated the upside down tree, leaving off only the star that would normally go on top. When his wife came home, Charlie says she couldn't believe her eyes. Gradually, however, she grew to like it and started inviting her friends over to see "her husband's tree".
The upside down "exclamation point" tree has both advantages and disadvantages. Charlie says there's lots more room under it for presents. On the negative side, there's one drawback. The tree is impossible to water.

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1988 - Volume #12, Issue #6