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Hoof Cinch Eliminates Founder Pain, Realigns Hoof
Horse owners have a new, inexpensive option to relieve the pain - and to fix - founder and laminitis. Hoof Cinch is a patented, U.S.-made metal band that tightens around the front part of the hoof to prevent the hoof from flexing, which eliminates the pain.
  “We are bringing the hoof back to normal,” says Chuck Potter, a Minnesota farrier who invented the device after a year of research and development with his business partner, veterinarian Dr. Jan Doelle, DVM.
  Instead of expensive traditional treatment involving nerve blocks, sedation and shoeing, without a real solution for fixing the rotation, a $60 Hoof Cinch set can be installed in minutes, and provide instant pain relief.
  “Once it’s rotated, the coffin bone (main foot bone) cannot be moved back to its original position,” Potter says. “The Hoof Cinch stabilizes the hoof wall and forces the hoof wall growth back toward the coffin bone. As the hoof wall grows down along the coffin bone, it realigns with the rotated coffin bone. Since we cannot move the coffin bone back to the hoof wall, we move the hoof wall back to the coffin bone.”
  After many hoof dissections with Dr. Doelle and learning how the hoof flexed, Potter experimented with his device and the proper placement.
  In a video on the Hoof Cinch website, he demonstrates how to place the metal cinch band about an inch below the horse’s coronary band (where hoof meets leg). With a cordless drill, the cinch is easily fastened with screws and attaching plates into the hoof (dead zone), then tightened to prevent the hoof from flexing.
  The response is usually immediate.
  “The very first was a mini horse that had gotten foundered and couldn’t use her front feet at all. I made up tiny cinches and the next day she was running everywhere,” Potter says.
  Potter emphasizes that the Hoof Cinch doesn’t fix the underlying problem causing laminitis or founder, so horse owners must work with a veterinarian to do blood testing and come up with a treatment plan with medicine and/or diet.
  The Hoof Cinch is easy to install and remains on the hoof for at least 12-16 weeks, while the horse is in treatment and to allow the bone to realign. The bands come in three sizes for miniature, standard and draft horses. All sell for $60 (plus $5 shipping) for a set of two. Both the front (and sometimes back) hooves need the cinches to avoid stressing a good leg.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Chuck and Krista Potter, Hoof Cinch LLC, 39751 County Road 12, Dakota, Minn. 55925 (ph 507 459-6949 or 855 442-4624; www.hoofcinch.com; krista@hoofcinch.com).

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