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Cordless Drill-Powered Wire Winder
Winding up electric fence wire is easy with Preston Williams’s cordless drill-powered wire winder.
  “It quickly pulls in and wraps up a quarter mile of fence at a time, and has saved me many hours of labor,” says Williams. “It pulls the wire in straight and without any curls or twists.”
  He runs an 8-in. long, 3/8-in. carriage bolt through the reel and uses a 4-in. length of tubing as a handle. The tubing goes all the way to the head of the bolt and is loose enough to spin freely. He screws a nut and washer onto the handle side of the reel, stopping about 1/2 in. from the end of the tubing. Then he slides the spool onto the bolt and screws another nut and washer onto the drill side of the spool, tightening the nut firmly against the spool.
  “It works great,” says Williams. “I grind the end of the bolt to a square shape so it won’t slip inside the drill. When winding up wire I make sure the wire is free to be pulled so it won’t hang up in the field. By holding one hand on the handle and the other on the drill, I can easily wind up a complete spool of wire. You may need to tack weld the nut near the handle or strip the threads so the nut can’t back off.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Preston Williams, 5936 Poorhouse Rd., Victoria, Va. 23974 (ph 434 676-3600

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