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Cut Steel Anywhere With Portable Torch
Designed for short-term cutting, Petrogen’s oxy-gasoline backpack cutting torch weighs just 45 lbs. The new, compact, multi-fuel Portable Cutting System (PCS) has a 2-quart fuel tank and a refillable 23-cu. ft. oxygen bottle.
  “This unit is designed for guys who have a limited amount of cutting to do,” says J.J. Fierro, Petrogen. “We think it should be perfect for farms and home workshops.”
  The PCS carries enough oxygen for about 20 to 25 min. of cutting 1/4-in. steel or 5 min. cutting 4-in. steel. Equipped with a piggyback valve, the bottle reloads fast if a larger supply is available. The 2-quart fuel tank is designed to hold 1 1/2 quarts with space for pressurization. The fuel supply is enough for about 45 min. of cutting.”
  The multi-fuel torch works with standard gasoline, white gas, camping fuel and stabilizer additive fuels. The PCS produces the same hot flame and cutting ability as larger, earlier models.
  “It can make a precision cut through thin steel, slice through 20 layers of rusted plate, or cut through 14-in. thick steel,” says Fierro. “The flame carries heat into the cut, slicing through layers, jumps air gaps and punches deep holes in seconds.”
  The oxy-gasoline flame cuts steel 4 times faster than acetylene torches. It has a 100 percent oxidizing flame and vapor 4 times heavier than acetylene. Because the steel is completely oxidized, there is no molten steel to create a spark hazard.
  Petrogen torches can cut through manganese steel dipper tooth shanks in less than a minute, through 10-gauge steel at 51 in. per min., and through railroad rail in 40 sec. It quickly cuts a fast clean bevel through cement-coated pipe in a single pass, cuts 1-in. mild steel plate at 22 in. per minute, and bores a straight hole through 10-in. armor plate in 50 seconds, all without pre heating.
  Prices start at $2,725 with a full system available for $3,200. In addition to the refiller pigtail, oxygen bottle and fuel tank, components include a 20-in./90-degree torch with 3 cutting tips and 20-ft. fuel and oxygen hoses. The system also includes quick oxygen disconnects, oxygen flashback arrestor and oxygen regulator with a heavy-duty igniter. There is a carry case, spare parts kit and tool kit with adjustable wrench. Safety glasses, welding gloves and reference and training materials are included.
  “The spare parts kit includes enough extras such as O-rings to last 3 years,” says Fierro. “It also includes an extra mixer, a part most likely to be damaged if the torch is incorrectly run. Some of the parts may never be needed, depending on the operator, but they are there.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Petrogen, P.O. Box 75610, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80970 (ph 719 596-1175; toll free 877 888-6724; torch@petrogen.com; www.petrogen.com).

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