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Texas Hiking Stick Inflicts Deadly Force
A hiking stick developed by Texas doctor Lynn Nesbitt can be equipped with a variety of deadly killing tips.
  “I wanted a hiking stick that could be used to kill the poisonous snakes we sometimes encounter while hiking on my north Texas ranch,” says Nesbitt.
  To design the tip, he drew on experience treating snakebite victims over his 40 years of medical practice. The stick itself is a 54-in. fiberglass pole. Attachments slip over the end of the pole and pin in place.
  The original hiking tip accessory is shaped like a rocket with three sharp 2-in. blades as tail fins. A 5/8-in. steel pin in the center creates 7 in. of total area capable of inflicting trauma on a snake.
  “The tip also provides stability and traction for a hiker over steep, rough or ice-covered terrain,” says Nesbitt.
  Nesbitt has also developed a wilderness survival kit for use with the stick. The kit includes a 4-prong fish spear, a 6-in. saw blade, and a 3 1/2-in. lance/knife blade tip.
  “As the population spends more time on urban and wilderness trails, there is an increasing risk of dangerous encounters with poisonous snakes, feral dogs, and other large carnivores, as well as ‘bad’ people,” says Nesbitt. “In each instance, the Texas Trail Stick provides the user with a degree of self-defense surpassed only by having a firearm available.”
  Nesbitt has worked on a number of alternative attachments including a shovel blade, a flare holder for emergency use and a “ram’s-head” tip for picking up objects.
  “Turn the stick with the ram’s head tip upside down, and it serves as a rest for a rifle,” says Nesbitt. “I’ve made lots of other tips as well. Imagination is really the only limit to possible tips.”
  “The Texas Trail Sticks are currently being handcrafted to order, but I am looking for a firm interested in fabricating and marketing them,” says Nesbitt.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lynn R. Nesbitt, M.D., 468 FM 1287, Graham, Texas 76450 (ph 940 550-4700; nestar4041@yahoo.com).

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