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Stretched-Out Cub Cadet Fitted With Wooden Bed
I had a lot of fun building it, says Rollan Schnitker, who stretched out a late 1970s Cub Cadet garden tractor, added a wooden bed on back, and a second seat.
The Cub Cadet had been used for years to remove manure from a chicken house, and was fitted with a pair of 5-ft. front-mounted blades. When the chicken house owner went out of business he gave the tractor to me. I lengthened it by 18 in., added the bed, and made it a 2-seater, says Schnitker. My wife and I enjoy driving it around town occasionally.
The 2-ft. long, 4-ft. wide wooden bed is made from yellow pine. The seat came off another Cub Cadet.
He stretched out the tractor by cutting off the rear end and welding in a new frame. He also extended the driveshaft and brake linkage. Just for looks he replaced the original tires with ones that are 2 in. wider. He also mounted a 1-ft. wide wooden platform onto both sides of the tractor, bolting them to the footrests. Both platforms are screwed onto a larger wooden platform that supports the 2 seats. Schnitker used 2 by 10s to build the beds floor and 2 by 6s to build the sides.
He made one more modification to the tractor. Cub Cadets are equipped with a starter-generator and are known for the generator going bad prematurely, while the starter is still good. So when the generator on my tractor went bad I replaced it with a car alternator. It has a built-in regulator and was a lot less expensive than rebuilding the starter generator, says Schnitker.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rollan Schnitker, 276 East Elm St., Hoyleton, Ill. 62803 (ph 618 493-6266).

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