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Modified Glow Plug Starting System
Richard Mountcastle, Rockville, Ind., recently sent FARM SHOW photos of how he saved money, by replacing the glow plug starting system on his Cub Cadet 7360SS 36 hp diesel utility tractor with one designed for a Case IH tractor.
    “The Cub Cadet relies on a glow plug system that heats a small chamber in each cylinder for cold starts,” says Mountcastle. “The problem was that after 2 or 3 years the glow plugs eventually burned out one by one. I replaced them at a cost of more than $31 apiece, and there are 4 of them.
    “The replacement plugs worked good for 2 years but then burned out again. When I went to my Cub dealer I found they now wanted $51 apiece for the plugs. I needed to come up with something better.
    “I decided to adapt the same injection system that’s on my Case IH 495 tractor. I bought their injection system, as well as 2 ft. of 1/8-in. copper tubing and two 1/8-in. 90 degree elbows for a total cost of less than $80.
    “I mounted the injection system unit and a push button on the right side of the tractor, about 4 in. from the dash. Then I drilled a hole in the manifold, tapped it, and installed an elbow. I ran a length of copper tubing through the tractor’s side panel and through the manifold where the air breather comes in. I also ran an electric wire from the injection system to the push button and then from the push button to the number one glow plug, which is the power source for all the other glow plugs. Using this method, the only time the injection system has power is when it’s cold enough that I need to use the glow plugs to start the tractor.
    “To start the tractor I lean forward and turn the ignition key to the ‘on’ position, and then press the push button for about one second. I then turn the key to the ‘start’ position, and the tractor starts right up. I’ve used the system for 2 years and am only on my second can of starting fluid.”

    After Mountcastle installed the system he did some research on the internet and found he could get the glow plug measurements and parts numbers he needed for his tractor from amazon.com. “Once I had that information, I was able to buy new glow plugs from www.rockauto.com for $5.90 apiece. The parts number for the glow plugs I bought is NGKY107V-6628. With shipping my total cost for all 4 glow plugs was only about $37. Cub Cadet won’t provide its customers with their glow plug measurements because they want you to buy from them, at much higher prices.”

    Mountcastle also saved money by replacing the tractor’s thermostat and radiator cap with ones that he bought at an Advance Auto parts store. “I paid $5 for a Stant thermostat, which compares to $31 when you buy from Cub Cadet. I paid $6.50 for a ToughOne radiator cap, which compares to $41 at Cub.”

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Richard Mountcastle, 11601 E. U.S. Highway 36, Rockville, Ind. 47872 (ph 317 374-5779; richmountcastle@yahoo.com).

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