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Look Your Best-Wear Jewelry Made From Corn
A Minnesota farm woman is turning field and ornamental corn into colorful "corn jewelry", including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, headbands, ceremonial belts, etc.
Heidi Scott, of Dunnell, buys the ornamental corn from a South Dakota farmer. She drills tiny holes in each kernel, then strings the kernels together. Scott and her husband Brian raise 1,200 acres of corn and beans. "My products are all unique but I'm not the first person to make jewelry from corn. I was told that there's a corn necklace in the Smithsonian institution that's 150 years old."
Scott got the idea for "corn jewelry" during the cool, wet summer of 1993. Brian, a pilot, made some commercial flights to Indiana. "He'd bring back this big, beautiful corn from Indiana and throw it on the dining room table where we had our small ears of flood corn laying. It was kind of depressing."
Soon afterward, Scott threaded fishing line through some corn to make a pair of earrings. "I decided I was going to wear the earrings until the harvest was complete."
Earrings sell for $5 to $20 (more if 14K gold or silver ear attachments are used). A single strand necklace with earrings sells for about $15. Larger necklaces sell for $100 to $150.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Heidi Scott, Rt. 1, Box 7, Dunnell, Minn. 56127 (ph 507 695-2941).

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