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“Sealer Shields” For Side Dressing Nitrogen Applicators
A new “sealer shield” designed for most nitrogen side dressing applicators lets you apply nitrogen to small corn plants at fast speeds, without covering them up.
  The sealer shield consists of a pair of offset coulters that gather soil that’s disturbed by the knife or the pressure injector coulter. As the applicator is pulled through the field, the soil is collected and redirected to cover the nitrogen so none of it will be lost due to denitrification.
  The coulters can be easily adjusted for height and width, depending on the applicator’s speed. The system can be used on rows from 20 to 30 in. wide and even on twin rows. It can be used on most anhydrous and liquid applicators used for side dressing.
  “The paired coulters deflect soil as it comes up the face of the knife, and force it back down onto the slot left by the knife so that neither liquid nitrogen nor anhydrous ammonia can escape. It virtually prevents exposure of nitrogen to sunlight and air,” says John Miller, Nitrogen Sealing Systems, Catlin, Ill. “We’ve offered side dressing shields for ammonia applicators for several years, but this is our first shield for 28 percent liquid nitrogen applicators.”
  The company has been involved in a 2-year testing program with Becks Hybrid Seed Co. to analyze the return on investment when using the sealer shields with 28 percent liquid nitrogen. The testing and results were provided by Jason Webster at the Practical Farm Research Center near Downs, Ill.
  “After 350 acres of side by side checks, the rows where the sealers were used averaged almost 2 1/2 bu. higher yields,” says Miller. “With $4 per bu. corn, farmers growing 1,000 acres of corn could net $10,000 more income.”
  Miller currently offers closers for Fast, Ag Systems, Blu-Jet, Schaben, Case, Nutra Placer, Clymer, DMI C shanks, Yetter coulter units, and Yetter NH3 Magnum units.
  Two different models are available. One is designed for Fast and DMI-type applicators and sells for $235 per row plus S&H. The other model is designed for high clearance applicators and sells for $285 per row plus S&H.
   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Miller, Nitrogen Sealing Systems, 10916 Catlin-Homer Road, Catlin, Ill. 61817 (ph 217 304-1109; nss@nitrogensealingsystems.com; www.nitrogensealingsystems.com).

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