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Add-On Device Converts Float Valve To Full Flow
The “Tranz Former” from Jobe Valves turns a common water tank float valve into full force water delivery. Unlike diaphragm valves, float valves constrict water flow. The new valve from Jobe uses the existing float as mount and actuator, but eliminates most of the constriction.
  The larger the input flow from the hose, the greater the difference between common float output and the Tranz Former. If a 5 gpm hose delivers 3 gpm through a common float, flow through a Tranz Former increases by only 0.5 gpm. However, a 10-gpm flow that’s reduced to 3.5 gpm by the common float will increase to 9.5 gpm. Similarly, a 20-gpm flow through a hose is reduced to 4 gpm by a common float, but reaches 18 gpm through the Tranz Former.
  The Tranz Former attaches to the inlet of the float valve. It fits most over-the-top, clamp-on float valves in seconds. Once the input hose (common garden hose fitting) is attached, it is ready to go. No holes need be drilled or mountings added.
  The Tranz Former is easy to clean, has an internal filter, and is made from non-corrosive material. It’s available for $45.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pasture Management Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 1120, Mount Pleasant, N.C. 28124 (ph 704 436-6401 or 800 230-0024; www.pasturemgmt.com)

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