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Big Wheel Wood Splitter
It takes only an instant to split virtually any chunk of wood with the big wheel log splitter built by T. Person, Lloydminster, Alberta.
The splitter consists of a 5-ft. dia. front wheel off a 25-hp. steam engine. A large 7-lb. ax head is mounted on the outer edge of the wheel. The big splitting wheel is connected to a belt-drive pulley system that can either be hooked up to a motor or driven by a pto shaft.
The ax head rotates downward on the wheel, running through a slot in a heavy metal table at one end of the splitter. The operator simply sets blocks of wood on this table and steps back. Person says the momentum of the big wheel splitter is such that it'll split through virtually anything. The wheel rotates at a steady pace that leaves plenty of time for the operator to set up a piece of wood and step back. Person says the splitter cuts through so cleanly and with so much force there's no danger of flying wood chunks. The splitter is portable, mounted on a sled made of steel beams.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, T. Person, Rt. 3, Lloydminster, Alberta S9V 0X8.

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1985 - Volume #9, Issue #3