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Quick Fix Saved Big Bucks
When Fred Davison looked at a used Case payloader, he couldn’t get the fuel pedal to go down.
  “Just stand on it,” said the seller.
  When Davison pointed out that wasn’t a very good option, the seller dropped the price several thousand dollars. Davison bought it, suspecting he had a quick fix.
  “The throttle wire is basically a flexible hose with steel cable inside that was old, rusty and stiff,” says Davison. “I replaced it with a 1/4-in. cable inside a clear plastic tube. When I attached it to the payloader, I could push the pedal down with my finger.”
  Davison also put a little oil in the tube. It settled into low spots where the hose stretched from the pedal to the engine.
  “Every time the cable moves inside the tube, it picks up a little oil and lubricates itself,” he says.
  Davison is always on alert for ways to do things easier or with less expense. He drills holes in door knobs and inserts steel rod through them. He also adds levers to faucets for more leverage.
  “The rod provides added leverage when opening or closing doors,” he says. “If your hands are full, you can just bump the rod on the door knob to open it without grabbing it with your fingers.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Fred Davison, 1979 Upper Highwood Creek Rd., Highwood, Mont. 59450 (ph 406 733-5031).

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