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"Best Buy" Saw Sharpener
“The thing with the Granberg precision chain grinder tool is that once you have a sharp saw you just barely touch it with the grinder and you get a razor edge again,” says Hans Porter. He appreciates the value of a sharp saw living in a small community near Ketchikan, Alaska.

    He had plenty of wood to cut when he and his wife, Timbi, purchased 1 1/2 acres of undeveloped land a decade ago and built 300 ft. of boardwalk out of cedar he sawed into boards with a Stihl MS660 on a Mark III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill. Plus, he sawed timbers for an addition to his house.

    Porter also uses the grinder on chains for his 029 Farm Boss Stihl saw.

    The precision grinder clamps onto the saw bar and can be adjusted for accurate sharpening for cross cut and ripping chain. Porter keeps a 12-volt battery handy on his workbench to power the grinder, and adds that he can run it off his pickup battery if he needs to sharpen a chain while in the woods.

    “I can sharpen 105 teeth in about 15 min., then I set it up a little different and take down the rakers,” Porter explains.

    He recommends using Granberg stones and changing them when they start to wear down.

    “You need to have the right size to get into the tooth, but the worn stones work for taking the rakers down,” he suggests.

    Before getting the precision grinder, Porter says he used a file.

    “I was constantly busting my knuckles on sharpened teeth,” he says. He has no intention of going back to hand filing.

    “A sharp chain adds life to the chain and you can cut more wood with less gas,” Porter says.

    The Granberg precision chain grinder can be purchased for $75 at www.granberg.com.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hans Porter, Box PPV, Ketchikan, Alaska 99950.

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