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Auger Jogger "Best Buy"
Brian Flom, Kenyon, Minn., says the electric Auger-Jogger that he uses to move the swing hopper on his 10-in. auger is a real time and back saver.
    “Before I bought the Auger-Jogger, getting that swing hopper in place under trucks and wagons was a real pain,” Flom says. “Whoever was unloading had to stop the wagons in exactly the right place every time and then use a metal bar to pull or push the hopper under the wagon or truck chute.”
    The Auger-Jogger has 2 drive wheels that mount onto brackets bolted to the swing hopper where the original inside wheels were located. Each wheel is driven by a small electric motor. The tires have 1-in. deep treads so there’s plenty of traction to move the swing hopper.
    “Two features of the unit I really like are the true-circle wheel operation and the remote control. Some movers I looked at had straight axles, so there was friction and slipping. The Auger-Jogger wheels are mounted at an angle so the hopper travels in a true circle without any wheel friction.
    “ The other feature that really saves time is the remote. I can drive wagons or a truck next to the swing hopper and hit the remote control to move the hopper when I’m still on the tractor or in the truck. The remote works just like a garage door opener. I can see exactly when and where to stop without leaving the tractor or truck seat.” (www.augerjogger.com; ph 701 263-7397).
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Flom, 43960 70th Ave., Kenyon, Minn. 55946 (bkflom@frontiernet.net).

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