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Sprayer Kills Weeds With Controlled Frost
The Frostbite sprayer from Arctic, Inc. kills weeds fast and safe with liquid carbon dioxide (CO2). The novel sprayer is proving popular with landscape contractors, golf course workers and homeowners who want to avoid the use of chemical herbicides.

    “It works on everything from crabgrass to dandelions,” says Gina Stewart, Arctic, Inc. “It has a high degree of selectivity.”

    The dose can be varied by seconds of exposure. A short burst can remove crabgrass from fescue without damaging the fescue.

    The sprayer consists of a wand with a trigger and a containment tube. Connected to a CO2 cylinder with a siphon tube, the wand converts the liquid CO2 into dry ice frost. Placing the end of the tube over the weed produces maximum damage and requires an application time of only 1 sec.

    Stewart warns against attempting to use liquid CO2 with homemade equipment. She describes an early experiment by the company founder using a modified fire extinguisher.

    “He discovered how dangerous a ruptured hose could be,” she says. “Liquid CO2 is held at about 900 psi. You need equipment designed to withstand that pressure.”

    Susceptible weeds show damage after about 20 min. Maximum control is achieved after 2 days and has been shown to be very effective for goosegrass, annual bluegrass, dandelion, white clover and corn speedwell. It also handles tough weeds like dallisgrass and wild violets.

    The sprayer system can be readily adapted to the available carrier for the CO2 cylinder. The sprayer itself is priced at $599. A backpack harness is available for $250. However, the cylinder can also be carried in a golf bag carrier or on a golf cart, ATV or lawn tractor.

    “If prospective customers contact us with specific needs, we can vary the hose length for use farther from the transport vehicle,” says Stewart. “We’re looking for commercial partners to help us develop the organic farming market.”

    CO2 cylinders are available from welding shops and compressed gas distributors. Arctic Inc. can help locate local sources. Cylinders can be refilled or exchanged.

    Check out a video of the Frostbite sprayer at FARMSHOW.COM.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Arctic, Inc., 4182 Clemmons Road #120, Clemmons, N.C. 27012 (ph 336 817-2984; info@frostkills.com; www.frostkills.com).

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