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Permanently-Installed Cable Tow System For Combines
Get a combine stuck once without a Combine Cable System from Vosberg Enterprises and you won’t do it again. Installing the cable ahead of time makes it easy to hook on and pull a combine out of the muck.

    “Combines aren’t designed to be pulled out from the rear,” says Jeff Vosberg. “If a combine gets stuck, you have to burrow under to get a chain or cable to the front axle. Having the cable installed is an insurance policy should you get stuck. Without it, a 1-hr. job can turn into 6 or more.”

    Vosberg says the Combine Cable System can be used on any brand combine. The cable goes up and over both sides of the front axle and back to a hook anchor shackle that is hung at the rear of the combine. Tow straps rated at 40,000 and 60,000-lb. loads are available to connect to the shackle.

    While the Combine Cable System seems to be a simple system easily imitated, Vosberg warns that it is carefully engineered.

    “When chains and cables break, they can cause severe damage and danger,” he says. “If anything gives, it should be the tow strap. The Combine Cable System is designed around that idea.”

    A 60,000-lb. tow strap has a breaking strength of 120,000 lbs. While the 1-in. steel cable has a breaking strength of only 107,000 lbs., when doubled over in the recommended installation, the breaking strength reaches 214,000 lbs. The clevis has a breaking strength of 144,000 lbs. so it will also fail before the cable does.

    Vosberg says the new system had a good first year, thanks to a wet fall. “We sold many kits this fall, mostly in our area,” says Vosberg. “People used them, and they worked. They told us they were glad they had the system in place before they got buried.”

    The Combine Cable System comes complete with hook anchor shackle, cable and cable clamps. It’s priced at $508.39. The addition of a 40,000-lb. tow strap brings the price to $743.39. A 60,000-lb. tow strap raises it to $992.77.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vosberg Enterprises, P.O. Box 176, Farnhamville, Iowa 50538 (ph 515 544-3635 or 800-362-8753; jeff@buskellc.com; www.vei1.net).

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