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She Makes Clothing For Chickens
Julie Baker admits her rural business seems “slightly ridiculous”, but sales of diapers and clothing for chickens has continued to grow since she started her business 3 years ago. Besides meeting a need for people who show chickens or just like to pamper them, she is proud of the jobs she has created.
  The New Hampshire entrepreneur explains she first sewed diapers for her daughter’s show birds that also spent time in their home.
  “Her birds were like her Barbie dolls,” Baker says, noting that they found their way into family photos and other activities.
  When other show bird owners saw her diapers they asked if she would make them for their chickens. Baker’s poultry diapers have snap fasteners, a cotton exterior and a water resistant nylon liner that fits over the body and completely covers the area under the tail feathers. A pad or paper towel is placed in the appropriate area and can be pulled out easily and changed every hour or two.
  “I started with the diapers, then added saddles. Saddles are useful to protect the birds from pecking,” Baker says. “Dresses came next because people sent me photos with their birds, and I thought the pictures would be cuter if the chickens were wearing dresses.”
  As orders grew, Baker saw an opportunity to employ women in the Dominican Republic where she works as a volunteer. She currently hires three women fulltime to sew and has started Sewing My Future, a nonprofit organization, which is close to her heart and the driving force of her Pampered Poultry business. When not sewing poultry wear, the women sew uniforms for children so they can attend school in the Dominican Republic. The women are paid part of the $30/uniform that comes from charitable contributions. (Check out the website for more information.)
  Baker visits the Dominican Republic a few times a year and hopes to find more work for more women so they can support their families. Meanwhile, folks who love their chickens like the practical and fun items they sew.
  The website includes sizes and prices for small to large, but custom orders can also be made.
  “We’ve made items for turkeys and peacocks,” Baker says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Julie Baker, Pampered Poultry, 95 Windsor Rd., Claremont, N.H. 03743 (ph 603 558-4934; www.pamperyourpoultry.com; julie@pamperyourpoultry.com).

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