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Roto Rope Weeder
A Kentucky manufacturer has come up with a new "Roto Rope" wick applicator that circulates its wick rather than its chemicals.
The new unit, manufactured by Jim McClure, Delta Machine Works, Inc., Jamestown, Kent., consists of a front-mounted boom, pulleys at either end of the boom, and two long ropes that run through the pulleys. The ropes wind their way through a second set of pulleys in the center of the boom that are submerged beneath chemicals in a small reservoir tank. The rope comes out of the tank saturated with chemical.
"The system isn't pressurized as on other rope wick applicators, so there's no crop damage caused by dripping of chemicals," says McClure. "You can control the wetness of the ropes by varying the speed at which they circulate. Visibility is excellent because the ropes are totally exposed. Each weed is hit by two chemically saturated ropes because the rope is doubled up so in most cases you don't need to make a second pass with the system as with other rope wicks."
A variable speed 12-volt electric motor turns the pulleys and rope. A 3-gal. reserve tank refills the up-front chemical reservoir automatically. A 1?-in. hydraulic cylinder raises and lowers the unit. The toolbar extends from 10 to 20-ft. as needed and narrows up for transport to 9 ft. Total unit weighs 260 lbs. Sells for $995.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, James E. McClure, Delta Machine Works, Inc., Rt. 2, Box 149, Jamestown, Kent. 42629 (ph 502 343-3815).

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