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Mud Wheels For ATV's
At first glance it doesn't make sense to talk about mud wheels for ATV's but anyone who owns one of the machines understands. Big ATV tires aren't much good in mud because they spin too much and tear up the ground. That can be a problem if you use the machine for field work.
Mitchell Tyler raises rice near Lepanto, Ark., and uses his ATV to spray crops. With conventional rubber tires in place, the machine destroyed crops and packed the gumbo clay-type soil into the space between tires and fenders. Since Tyler already used thin steel wheels on tractors, he decided to build smaller dia. wheels for ATV's. They work so well, he decided to market a kit to other farmers both for mud, and to minimize damage when working through narrow-seeded soybeans and other crops.
The 1-in. wide narrow steel wheels widen to about 6 in. at the hub. Steel lugs arranged around the outside of the wheel provide extra gripping traction. Under most conditions, Tyler says the wheels sink in only about 2 in. and leave a narrow track. The steel-wheeled machine must, however, be driven slowly in transport down the road.
"They've got much more traction than conventional tires. You can go through almost anything," says Tyler, who farms 1,200 acres of rice with his brother Harold and four nephews. He has also used the narrow steel wheels in broadcast soybeans. "Three days after I went through, you couldn't see the tracks."
Steel wheel kits adapt to existing bolt patterns on both 3 and 4-wheel ATV's. On 3-wheelers, the front wheel is 29 in. in dia. and the two rear wheels 27 in. in dia. On 4-wheelers, all wheels are 27 in. A 3-wheel kit sells for $600. The 4-wheel kit sells for $800. The Tylers also produce a complete spray rig for ATV's that sells for $300. Marliss Industries, Jonesboro, Ark., manufactures and markets the equipment.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, G-T Corporation, Marliss Industries Inc., P.O. Box 3097, Jonesboro, Ark. 72403 (ph 501 932-7550).

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